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Arlesey East

Investing in the Community

Arlesey East

The proposals aim to deliver a range of new facilities and infrastructure including:

A new lower school

Adjacent the new local centre will be a new two form entry lower school with large playing field.  The intention is for this to be available for use by both new and existing residents very soon after completion of the first phases of housing.


A new local centre

Our proposals for the new local centre just off the High Street provide a focal point for the town, linking the existing community with the new.  This will include a supermarket, and a number of smaller retail units including spaces for cafés and as well as a market square. There will also be a new Doctors surgery, pharmacy and Dental Clinic with ample surface level parking. To generate further new employment opportunities, the proposals also include a range of new office space to assist small and medium sized businesses, potentially with serviced office space available on short term lets and research and development space – creating a significant new centre for employment in Arlesey.


There are plans to incorporate a new community facility within the local centre.  This could provide flexible space to meet a variety of uses – such as theatre, music and dance clubs, indoor sports, art groups as well as meeting areas available for hire.  It’s a blank canvas at present.  What would you like to see? We would welcome suggestions. 

Local centre.jpg

New homes

We envisage a mix of up to 950 new private market and affordable housing, allowing younger generations and families access to housing so that they can remain living in Arlesey.

We also recognise that as people get older, their needs change. We’ll be providing space for retirement homes, Extra Care / Assisted Living areas and some bungalows. We’ve put this accommodation near to the shops and services which will support residents. We want this to be an inclusive development, were everyone is welcome.



A new road will run centrally through the site, connecting the High Street in the west to the A507 in the east providing access to the development and helping reduce traffic flows within Arlesey. Planning consent for this road was granted last year but we have applied for consent to incorporate two roundabouts along the length of the road that will provide safe and effective junctions to the local centre and residential land. The application includes proposed bus lay-bys and pedestrian crossings. An additional junction off Stotfold Road will provide local access to the northern part of the site.

Additionally, a new pedestrian and cycle bridge is to be provided over the A507 connecting the development to Etonbury Wood and through to Etonbury Academy.  The dedicated cycle route will link into new connections within the development and through to Arlesey itself. You can find out more about the cycle bridge application here 

Talks are currently underway with local bus companies with regard to extending services to the proposed development and Travel Plan will be submitted as part of the outline planning application which will set out travel options available to residents of the site, encouraging them to make use of public transport.


Green links.jpg


We’ll be using a series of green corridors and balancing ponds to collect and store rainwater during periods of heavy rain. This will then slowly filter back into local watercourses at the same rate (or lower) than it does from the land at present. These green corridors provide water storage as well as an attractive feature of the development, as you can see from the example image (right).  


Sports pitches and open space

Over 20 Hectares of open space is being provided along the eastern edge of the development, creating a green edge which will be set aside as country parkland. Within this parkland there are opportunities to improve wildlife habitats, to create an attractive and ecologically friendly development. There's also an area for a community orchard – so you can help grow and pick your own fruit. To the south east of the new road we have provided an area for sports pitches with changing and welfare facilities that can be used all year round.

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